Research in Dance and Physical Education
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Research in Dance and Physical Education - Vol. 3, No. 2, pp.71-77
ISSN: 2586-1034 (Online)
Print publication date 30 Dec 2019
Received 30 Oct 2019 Revised 27 Nov 2019 Accepted 20 Dec 2019

Creator Pina Bausch focusing on views of the ‘Rough Cut’ premiere

Hyunjung Park
University of Bonn, former postdoctoral project researcher

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This study intends to look into the acceptance and development of Korean culture in the work ‘Rough Cut’ which Pina Bausch choreographed in 2005. Further, the study looked at the creators, Pina Bausch and Tanztheater Wuppertal, and analyzed the ‘Rough Cut’ premiered in Germany. This study analyzes using ‘the cultural diamond’ proposed by Wendy Griswold and the perspective of this study starts from interculturalism. Tanztheater Wuppertal’s ‘Nation and City Series’ works incorporate human in culture and relationship with humans, staying in a specific country or city and meeting people of each country. Therefore, Nation and City Series is said to be the most creative work to contain interculturalism. This study has great significance that direct interview with German audiences and dancers of Tanztheater Wuppertal allow us to get a microscopic and vivid approach to the acceptance aspect of culture. Through this study, first, it is available to broaden the spectrum of Korean Studies research that can be done overseas, second, it is possible to have a vivid approach to the acceptance aspect of Korean culture shown in foreign countries, and finally to derive many subsequent studies in the line of dance and theatre studies.


Pina Bausch, Rough cut, the Cultural Dimond, Creator, Cultural Object


This research was supported by the Academy of Korean Studies Grant (AKS-2017-R-15)


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