Research in Dance and Physical Education

Research in Dance and Physical Education

Content Type: Journal

ISSN: 2586-1034 (Online)

Research in Dance and Physical Education (RDPE) is an international, peer reviewed journal, providing information on pedagogy, philosophy and science in dance and physical activities. The journal aims to stimulate theoretical and conceptual debates and promote educational practices in dance and physical education fields. It includes contributors from a wide and diverse international community of academics and teachers who are committed to improving the quality of movement-based education in various contexts. 혻

We invite essays that may include (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • dance and physical education in primary and secondary schools
  • dance and arts education
  • curriculum and instructional design
  • teaching strategies
  • educational technology
  • teacher education
  • continuing professional development
  • assessment
  • community dance and youth dance
  • adapted dance and physical education
  • medicine and science in dance and PE
  • anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition
  • Fitness, wellness and health promotion
  • psychological issues
  • history and philosophy
  • cultural diversity, ethics and gender equity
  • careers, jobs and employment in dance and PE fields
  • cultural policy and governance for dance and PE
  • research methods and methodologies